Daniel Johnston

This is a song of Daniel Johnston, "Speeding Motorcycle."
I've heard this song of The pastels' version and Yo La Tengo's.

I 'm sure Daniel's the best.

The Mooney Suzuki

They are not just a garage band.
It's real rockn'n' roll.

The songs in this album are all exciting.
Above all, I like "Alive & Amplified"

As a Patissier

My eldest daughter made her debut as a patissier.
It has been one of her dreams.

Unlike me, she looks good with her hands.
She must have gotten that from my wife.

Now, What will she be next?
I look forward to it!


Even though it was unfortunately bad weather, I joined my kids' excursion. The parents were shivering with cold while the kids running around. I wonder if I was also like them as a child. It is too far away back for me to recall.


I wonder if it's been hot like this in May here in Morioka, the north part of Japan. I realized again that I'm sensitive to cold and heat. On such a day, I feel like taking a nap in the shade of a tree with nice music.

sounds antic
lacks polish
I like it.

Let's Go Surfing / The Drums


Long Time No See

This is the first updating in the last seven months.
The other day, I took my daughters to a nearby park, where there is a large fountain pond. I wondered they didn't feel cold. But they didn't seem to care! Just watching them made me cold.


Another Sunny Day

It's still hot during in the day although getting chilly in the evening.

One day, the kids asked me to take them to the swimming pool. I knew well how they felt. I didn't feel like going swimming but playing with water.

A certain place struck me. Immediately We prepare their bathing suits, heading there.

Because of a weekday, it was less crowded. The water place, which is at the center of the park, is decorated with stones of variable size. There is a large waterfall at the back. It is good enough for children to play.

On arriving, they changed into their bathing suits and began to splash about. I also tried soaking my feet in the water. It was kind of cold for me, but they didn't care. They are in their elements playing with water. It reminded me of myself in childhood.